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zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

Price down!!

He sweet people .. on 1 nov there will be a opening a new store where I Assist the owner...
Because the store is for low budget all my scrapkits will be down in prices ...
ofcourse the price will go down in the other stores ... and not 1 nov but now already!!!!!
So take you'r chance ... all my scrapkits $2.50 of 2.00

 For the new store where still searching for new designers and ct people .. maybe something for you ???
dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Designer Call!!!

We will open our doors 1 nov (maybe earlyer)
Who want to...

buy nice ptu kits etc and don't have to much money ....
This store you can find Low Budget
Scrapkits not more then 2.50
Cu, Grabbags not more then 3.00

Every friday a $ 1 dollar sale

Iff you are interessed to be an designer for the people with a low budget, or want to be in our CT team
Please contact me at or mij assitant Erica at

I am going on holliday and will be back on the 17 oktober
I will try to check at now and then
And hope to here from you great designers or Cters

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