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maandag 19 augustus 2013

EW Nancy Let's Get Dressed Excl SPU

This is a Let's get Dressed doll ... what you get .. one finished poser, 3 nude dolls with different hair color and different color shoes .... and 5 set's of top's and skirts what you can match with eacht other
height 1450 pixels heigh Cu and Cu4Cu and Resell .. with the right licenses read my tou

 only exclusive by Sweet Pin Up

zondag 18 augustus 2013

CT Tag with Amity Elf

CT Tag using PTU Amity Elf By Erica Wilma Sensibility, This cute tube comes in 3 awesome poses and the perfect fit for you creating needs, She is fun and is needed in your poser collection, Here is where you can find her at Render Art World :CLICK HERE The kit i have used is Secret Garden By Cakes Creations purchased at Digi Divaz CLICK HERE 
Below is the tag i created ENJOY!!! Happy Tagging

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